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NBLCNET’s Player Movement Tracker 2016-17


NBLCNET’s Player Movement Tracker is back for the 2016-17 season!  Find out who your favorite team has signed and where your favorite players are heading.  With the National Basketball League of Canada adding two new teams this season and holding a more expansive combine series, a wider net has been cast for talent to come into the league.  With over 100 jobs up for grabs in the league, NBLCNET is tracking all the signings in one place.

With a number of signings already announced, make sure to let us know any player movement we may have missed! Keep in mind these players are signed to attend training camp.  Players may or may not make the final roster as training camps complete and the season gets closer.  Special note that some of the rookies drafted via the All-Canadian draft are returning to school.  Teams hold their rights for the next 3 years.

Kitchener Titans

Via All-Canadian Draft:
G Greg Morrow (No.1)
F Kevin Thomas (No. 11)

Via Draft:
Via Free Agency:
G Adam Blazek (Niagara River Lions)
G Tramar Sutherland (Niagara River Lion)
G Tramique Sutherland (Toronto 3D)
C Nate Howard (Keene State – NCAA D3)
F Jermaine Dailey (Triqueros – Mexico)
Via Trade:
G James Justice (Moncton Miracles)

London Lightning

Via All-Canadian Draft:
C Keanu Post (No. 9)
G Myck Kabongo  (No 19)

Via Draft:
Via Free Agency:
G/F Ryan Anderson (re-sign)
G/F Garrett Williamson (re-sign)
F Taylor Black (re-sign)
F Marcus Capers (re-sign)
G Kendall Williams (Nuernberger – Germany)
F Julian Boyd (Porvoon Tarmo – Finland)
G Fredrick Edmond (WKU – NCAA D1)
G Aaron Dotson (Idaho Stampede – NBADL)

Via Trade:

Niagara River Lions

Via All-Canadian Draft:
F Cedric Kasongo (No. 6)
F Matt Marshall (No. 16)
Via Draft:
Via Free Agency:
G Marcus Lewis (re-sign)
C Russ Conley (re-sign)
C Mike Allison (re-sign)
G Sammy Zeglinski (re-sign)
G Tyshawn Patterson (London Lightning)
F Richard Amardi (Orangeville A’s)
G/F Bilal Benn (Orangeville A’s)
F Kirk Williams Jr. (Windsor Express)
G/F LaQuavius Cotton (Delta State – NCAA D2)
G/F Mangisto Arop (Finke Paderborn – Germany)
Via Trade:

Orangeville A’s

Via All-Canadian Draft:
G Daniel Tulloch (No. 13)
Via Draft:
Via Free Agency:
C Gavin Thurman (Newman University)
Via Trade:

Windsor Express

Via All Canadian Draft:
G Alex Campbell (No. 2)
F Noel Moffatt (No. 18)

Via Draft:

Via Free Agency:

Antowine Lamb (Kenitra – Morocco)

Clinton Springer-Williams (Niagara River Lions)
G/F Mike Nwelue (Zornotza – Spain)
G/F Shawntez Patterson (Julie Napoli – Italy)
G Maurice Jones (Northwood – NCAA D2)
C Jernard Jarreau (Tulane – NCAA D1)
G James Parrott (Uhud Medina – Saudi)

Via Trade:

G Doug Herring Jr. (Saint John)


Cape Breton Highlanders

Via All-Canadian Draft:
G Javon Masters (No. 8)
G Jonathan Tull (No. 12)
Via Draft:
Via Free Agency:
G Jimmy Dorsey (Karlsruhe – Germany)
G Hank Thorns (Ostioneros – Mexico)
G Morgan Lewis (Island Storm)
Via Trade:
G Shaquille Keith (Windsor Express)

Halifax Hurricanes

Via All-Canadian Draft:
C Dallin Bachynski (No. 10)
F Chris McLaughlin (No. 20)
Via Draft:
Via Free Agency:
G/F Shaquille Johnson (Longwood – NCAA D2)
F Myles Taylor (Regatas – Brazil)
F Tre Boutilier (Cumberland – NAIA)
G Cliff Clinkscales (re-sign)
F CJ Washington (UAB – NCAA D1)
F Renaldo Dixon (re-sign)

Via Trade:

Island Storm

Via All-Canadian Draft:
Tyler Scott (No. 4)
F Kadeem Green (No. 7)
F Brad States (No. 14)
Via Draft:
Via Free Agency:
G Alex Richter (Augustana University)
G/F Tirrell Baines (re-sign)
F Terry Thomas (re-sign)
G/F Demitri Harris (Vancouver Balloholics (ABA)
G Jackson Trapp (FAU – NCAA D1)
G Nick Okorie (London Lightning)
G Jahii Carson (Adanaspor – Turkey)

Via Trade:
F Erik Copes (Orangeville A’s)

Moncton Miracles

Via All-Canadian Draft:
G/F Jamal Gatali (No. 5)
F Grandy Glaze (No. 15)
Via Draft:
Via Free Agency:
F Russell Byrd (Lucentum – Spain)
G Hunter Williams (Chernomorets – Bulgaria)
G Vincent Dillard (Orlando – ABL)
G Malik Story (Kouvot – Finland)
G Lawrence Westbrook (U-Banca – Romania)
F Vernon Lewis (Pioneros – Mexico)
G Mike Malat (Castellano – Italy)
C Theo Davis (Windsor Express)
Via Trade:

Saint John

Via All Canadian Draft:
F JP Kampola (No. 17)
Via Draft:
Via Free Agency:
G Anthony Anderson (re-sign)
C Anthony Stover (re-sign)
G/F Dane Suttle Jr (Brisbane Capitals)
G Varez Ward (Auburn – NCAA D1)
F Gabe Freeman (re-sign)
Via Trade:
C Brian Addison (Island Storm)
C Chris Commons (Windsor Express)

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